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Aakesh Daikkah's Journal

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
7:35 pm - A draught of a brew of a cauldron's worth of shrivelfigs and wormwoods...

They just queue up in my life.

current mood: angry

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
5:09 pm - Fuck you and this.
Faggoting is insanely difficult, my hands hurt and my eyes are going. Does anyone know where I could buy some good lace, because Madam Malkin's is just too expensive.

current mood: cranky

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Sunday, April 4th, 2004
9:07 pm - Devon, you runt.
What have you been telling these giggling turkey teenage girls?

Seriously. Out with it, ere I spit in your face.

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Sunday, March 7th, 2004
9:36 pm - MORGAN!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Hark! Who is that, running through the plains! It is Aakeshdaikkah, hands clutching a mighty sword! He screams ominously:

"I'm going to punch you until the laws of physics are violated!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

current mood: AHAHAHAHA

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
11:43 pm - Hah! In your face, geekstring!
Your Celebrity Kink Initiation by lokifin
Hair Color
Favorite Texture
LocationCollege Roommate's Bunk
CelebrityKeira Knightley
ImplementCoat Hangers
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

current mood: Hahaha

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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
11:50 pm - ...
I'm bored.

I hate my pillow.

I hate this butterbeer in my hand.

I hate this blanket.

I hate you all.

... I'm bored.

current mood: blah

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Thursday, May 1st, 2003
2:39 pm - Fuck this.
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Extreme
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Extreme
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very High

Take the Dante Inferno Hell Test

current mood: aggravated

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2003
2:18 pm - Blah.
There are no such things as happy endings.
Because nothing ever ends.

I -hate- that quote. Despise it with all my life. Detest it. Deplore it. Abhor it. Loathe it.

I hope that whoever made that piece of abomination up, dies a very slow, painful, and gruesome death.

current mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
3:55 pm

Back at you.

current mood: accomplished

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Saturday, March 8th, 2003
9:13 pm - Fuck you, personality disorder test thing.
Schizotypal:Very High
Narcissistic:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

current mood: annoyed

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
12:02 am - Mhm...
I'm in an exceptionally good mood. Maybe it is because of eating too many chocolate frogs, or perhaps due to my homework, which was all about Cheering Charms. Either way, I'm glad. And I know exactly -what- I desire to do.

I'm going to go outside and toss teeny rocks into the lake, and ponder about nominalism.

current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
10:43 am - ...
Devon, I'm extremely sorry for all the mean things I did to you... I, eh, did not realize you were... well, -affected-.

Take care, okay?

current mood: sympathetic

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Friday, February 14th, 2003
8:24 pm

current mood: touched

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
11:25 am - Devon Rhys-Morgan...
Hurt me, and get over with it, won't you?

current mood: uncomfortable

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Saturday, February 8th, 2003
11:05 am - Really. Ew.
Devon fancies me. It is quite obvious.

Ew. And ew, again.


current mood: distressed

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
7:27 pm - ...
I lost a Tarot card. It is the Sun. Chances are that I accidently ate it, when I was playing around with them during lunch.

In other news, Devon Rhys-Morgan is retarded. Blah to you.

Blah to the world.

current mood: aggravated

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